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The Historic Manchester Trust has announced that the Crowell Chapel Concert Series will be tem­porarily relo­cated to Manchester’s First Parish Church begin­ning with the Epic Brass Christmas Concert this December. A State Building Code issue has dis­placed the Series from the Chapel until alter­ations are made at the Chapel. The Historic Manchester Trust Board of Directors see the move as a nec­es­sary action to pro­ceed with the ongoing efforts at building sup­port for preser­va­tion of the Town’s his­toric struc­tures, the mis­sion of the Trust. The Trust’s efforts for the last three years are inno­v­a­tive approaches to bringing our build­ings back to life.

In 2012, after some eight years of careful his­toric preser­va­tion of Crowell Chapel by the Community Preservation Committee (CPC), a group of con­cerned cit­i­zens joined together to seek a solu­tion and method to pro­tect , care for and advo­cate for all the Town’s his­toric assets and build­ings; and in par­tic­ular and uniquely to the Crowell Chapel, orga­nize a con­cert series. It was thought that a con­cert series would spur its wider use, make it part of the Town’s main­stream and encourage the reg­ular care and main­te­nance of this and other his­toric struc­tures.
The Trust Board met with the Board of Selectmen, and they asked the Board to dis­cuss this endeavor with the Manchester Historical Society/Museum, and look to the example of Seaside One as a pos­sible solu­tion. The Manchester Historical Society/Museum said it would not be inter­ested in dupli­cating the Seaside One model again, so the Trust researched best options to accom­plish the main task of caring and advo­cating for Town his­toric assets. The Trust pro­ceeded with set­ting up a Massachusetts 180 Corporation, a not-for-profit entity in the State of Massachusetts. This was accom­plished on the 3rd of January 2012, and it was sub­mitted to the Secretary of State, and at same time the Trust applied to the Internal Revenue Service for a 501c3 not-for-profit des­ig­na­tion as a tax exempt entity. On September 4th, 2013 the Trust’s appli­ca­tion was approved by the IRS.
The Historic Manchester Trust’s Crowell Chapel Concert Series began in December 2011, and con­tinued with one or two events every month for almost three years until April 2014, bringing in hun­dreds of Manchester res­i­dents to the beau­ti­fully restored Chapel for the first time. At that time a Massachusetts building code issue capped audi­ence size to a max­imum of 49, a figure below the finan­cial break-even point for con­certs. This caused a full ces­sa­tion of the Concert Series at Crowell Chapel.
Not wanting to lose momentum, the HMT will relo­cate the Concert Series begin­ning this December to the his­toric First Parish Church (FPC), per­haps the most iconic of Manchester’s his­toric struc­tures. The First Parish Church has stepped in and worked to help main­tain the larger preser­va­tion effort by sus­taining the Series’ momentum during this unex­pected tran­si­tion.
The 3rd annual Christmas Songs & Carols with the Epic Brass Quintet will pro­ceed as planned and as for the last 2 years, with great par­tic­i­pa­tion by the Town. (see below for the near term con­cert schedule at FPC).
HMT con­tinues to mon­itor and advo­cate for Crowell Chapel, as last Thursday the mem­bers of the Trust Board joined Mark Hammond at the Chapel when all the rain gut­ters were cleaned of all leaves, branches and muck, just before the rain and snow. This will have to be repeated again before winter sets in December, after the final leaves fall.
HMT urges our sup­porters and the Town as a whole to con­tinue to sup­port our Concert Series, as we advo­cate for all our shared his­toric assets. We look for­ward to con­tin­uing with the HMT’s Concert Series and expanding our advo­cacy.

Schedule — Historic Manchester Trust Concert Series, with Single Tree Music ** at First Parish Church
See our new web site address at www​.the​his​toric​man​ches​tertrust​.com

• December 12, 2014– HOLIDAYS & WINTERTIDE,** Chelsea Berry and Friends, 7:30–10:30 pm
• December 21, 2014– EPIC BRASS QUINTETCHRISTMAS SONGS & CAROLS, 4 pm. ( 3 rd annual)
• January 3, 2015– A VIENNA NEW YEARS– with Diva and the Fiddler and piano, Austrian Waltzes 4 pm.


Historic Manchester Trust,
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